Top Pick: The Titan Airless Paint Sprayer

Titan Airless Paint Sprayer
Titan Airless Paint Sprayer

If you are looking to paint a living room, all you need is a paint roller, some paint, and the better part of the weekend. But if you can’t afford to spare that much time getting the job done; the Titan airless paint sprayer is a logical answer. Paint sprayers are truly remarkable feats of technology. If you know how to use a paint sprayer, a job that used to take many hours can easily take 20 minutes to complete. For the industrious DIY enthusiasts, they are a boon. For professional painters, they’re a necessity.

An airless paint sprayer combines portability, speed, quality and versatility, offering users unmatched performance. The portable power of a handheld paint sprayer lets you complete extensive paint jobs in a matter of minutes. Their range of adjustable pressure controls lets users spray paint in different settings for flawless finishing on every job.

Paint sprayers do present some challenges, particularly to inexperienced users. They tend to disperse little clouds of tiny paint droplets while spraying, which can stain other surfaces you haven’t carefully taped off. When using an indoor paint sprayer, proper prepping is thus absolutely of the essence.

A paint sprayer also needs considerable aftercare: a thorough rinsing and cleaning with special solvents and tools is required after every use. Those not familiar with how to use a paint sprayer will also likely subject it to added stresses and streaks. But rest assured, achieving professional paint sprayer proficiency is a rather fast process. As they say, practice makes perfect!

Today, we are taking a look at the Titan® line of airless sprayers, namely, the Titan XT250 Airless Sprayer and its cousin, the Titan XT330 Airless Sprayer.

Titan XT250 Airless Sprayer

Technical specs

The Titan XT250 packs a ½ HP, 2500 psi engine, capable of an output of ¼ gallons per minute through a 25’ long, ¼” thick hose that lets this handheld paint sprayer work on all kinds of jobs. With this 25 lb unit, you can paint anywhere between 200 and 250 sq ft within a few minutes.

With a reversible 415 spraying tip, you can expect a pattern size width of approximately 8”. The Titan XT250 is compatible with tip sizes up to 0.015”, out of the box, meaning it’s best suited for working with medium thickness later and acrylic coatings, stains, varnishes and other materials. Do keep in mind that the XT250 paint sprayer’s pump is incompatible with block fillers, sealers for asphalt and textured materials in general.

The Titan XT250 also packs a metal paint gun with an integrated filter and a locking trigger out of the box. A number of tips, extensions and filters are available from aftermarket vendors. Just make sure you purge the system of test fluid before trying to paint. It’s there to protect internal parts of the unit from corrosion.

Additional features

  • Sturdy Stand

The Titan XT250 features a durable, sturdy stand, with convenient stoppers on floor contact points to keep your electric paint sprayer securely in place. It’s also pretty easy to move around, with a built-in handle and a nice, comfortable grip.

  • Adjustable Pressure Controls

The Titan XT250 features an adjustable knob that lets you select the pressure (in psi, or pounds per square inch) that you need for the job at hand.

  • Flexible Intake Hose

The Titan XT250 paint sprayer includes a flexible suction hose at the inlet, enabling users to comfortably employ 1 and 5 gallon containers

  • Power Indicator

The unit includes a convenient light indicator that lets you know if it’s currently connected to a power source.

  • Metal Spray Gun w/Integrated Filter

The Titan XT250 airless paint sprayer features a solid metal painting gun, compatible with a range of aftermarket extensions and accessories. It includes a reversible 415 tip, which makes unclogging incredibly easy (simply flip the tip around and squeeze the trigger!). However, the integrated filter should keep blockages to a minimum, preventing bad finishes. Alternative paint guns are available from aftermarket suppliers for handling different materials.

Usage cases

Unlike many other professional paint sprayer units on the market, the Titan XT250 is extremely user-friendly. Beginners and amateurs should face little difficulty in achieving flawless finishes in no time at all. It’s ideally suited for DIY projects and maintenance work around your house, garage or place of business.

The Titan XT250 airless paint sprayer can cover significant surfaces quickly and painlessly. If you’re looking for an outdoor or indoor paint sprayer that can dispatch áreas exponentially faster than using paint rollers, look no further. You’ll have to prep surfaces and mask off áreas carefully to avoid unintended spray, but other than that, it’s quite easy to use even in tight spots. Additional paint gun tips allow you to apply thinner materials like varnishes and stains on even smaller surfaces with narrower patterns.

The unit is also sufficient as a backup or complimentary spraying machine for contractors working on smaller scale jobs. The XT250 paint sprayer will require careful maintenance and limited use to operate at peak efficiency. However, with proper care and regular cleaning, it’s a surprisingly versatile machine, capable of spraying materials such as pesticides and liquid fertilizers. Refer to the technical manual for further details.


The Titan XT250 is an all-around solid unit fit for all sorts of purposes, both for DIYers and minor contractor work. Still, it has a few shortcomings worth noting.

The 25’ stock hose is plenty for indoor paint sprayer work, but can be troublesome for exterior work. This problem is easy to overcome with a longer hose, though. Additionally, seals and connections around the tip and paint gun need to be tightened before initial use, or you may run into eventual leaks and drips all over your hand. Finally, the reversible 415 tip is rather wide for some jobs, such as painting an interior trim, so additional tips are recommended.

Quick facts

  • The intake tube can readily handle 1 gallon and 5 gallon buckets, as long as you make sure the tube itself is immersed in the paint.
  • The flexible intake tube is 27” long, equipped with a mesh filter to reduce clogging
  • The max length hose you can use with the Titan XT250 is 50’. Longer hoses put too much strain on the motor and pump, causing excessive wear-and-tear.
  • The unit is designed to handle coatings that can be cleaned with water and soap. Materials requiring lacquer thinner for proper cleaning are not recommended.
  • Most users find the Titan XT250 to be an efficient, speedy and intuitive paint sprayer. However, refurbished and reconditioned products do seem to garner the majority of negative reviews for this product, so in you do opt for a refurbished XT250 (and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that!), make sure you check it works properly while still under warranty.

Final recommendation

While the XT250 is a bit pricier than other products at the same level, it’s money well spent. It’s a very reliable, sturdy and versatile unit. If you’re looking to handle thick coatings or coatings that need lacquer, you should consider other options. However, this unit can handle just about every job a homeowner can come up with, with plenty of professional paint sprayer capacities to boot. However, if you’re a heavy-duty contractor, you should consider a more powerful unit.

Titan XT330 Sprayer

Technical specs

The Titan XT330 packs a ¾ HP, 3000 psi engine, capable of delivering an output of ⅓ gallons per minute, providing fantastic speed. The included 25’ hose gives you the reach you need for almost any job, but if it’s coming up a little short, you can stick two 25’ hoses together to get a 50’ max length hose and get things done.

The XT330 packs a flexible intake tube, similar to the XT250’s, compatible with both 1 gallon and 5 gallon paint buckets. This airless paint sprayer includes a professional paint sprayer gun, the LX60, as well as an integrated filter and swivel.

Tip sizes go all the way up to 0.019” for this 50-lb unit, making the XT330 a versatile machine capable of handling thick, viscous paints and thinner paints with equal dexterity. The brilliant TR2 reversible tip gives you further options, offering narrow and wide spray patterns, depending on which way you hook it up.

Additional features

  • Convenient Collapsible Cart

At over 50 lb, the XT330 is a sizable unit, but its convenient collapsible cart allows you to quickly pack things up and move along to the next location.

  • Adjustable Pressure Controls

The Titan XT330 features a sliding track control that lets you select the pressure (in psi, or pounds per square inch) that you need for the job at hand. Choose max pressure for coatings such as latex, medium for stain finishes, and minimum for rolling.

  • Special Double-Stroke Piston

The Titan XT330 airless paint sprayer incorporates a special design that allows the unit to pump material on up-strokes and down-strokes, reducing the stress on critical system parts and prolonging the life of the unit, with a slower, optimized performance for a range of different coating materials.

  • TR2 Dual Reversible Tip

This ingenious tip design saves time and resources by providing you with narrow and broad spray patterns in one tip. Flip your TR2 tip around and that’s it. The broad tip is great for covering large áreas, while the narrow tip makes is perfect for high-precision work, with reduced overspray to boot.

  • LX60 Metal Spray Gun & Integrated Filter

The LX60 is a professional paint sprayer gun, with a handy full rotation swivel capable of 360° of free motion, so the hose can trace your every move. The integrated filter minimizes tip clogging, keeping things tidy.

  • Automatic Oiling

This unit has a built-in automatic oiling system, which lets you lubricate every part of the motor at the touch of a button. It’s simple, clean, and greatly extends the life of all moving pieces in your unit.

  • SureFlo™ Pusher Valve

Typical airless paint sprayers sometimes experience start-up issues due to material residue build-up. The SureFlo™ Pusher Valve lets you release the inlet valve ball without having to take this unit apart.

  • Handy Tilt Back & Pail Hook

Lifting the XT330 and the intake valve back, you can change paint buckets swiftly and smoothly. The pail hook built into the unit allows you to lift paint containers and the unit itself.

Usage cases

The Titan XT330 is a serious piece of equipment, with a price tag that places it within reach of both the most ambitious DIY enthusiasts and big-time contractors. It’s a versatile workhorse of a unit, easy enough for first-timers to handle, reliable enough for professionals to count on.

It is well-suited for homeowners, hobbyists and rental property owners looking to remodel. An airless paint sprayer is a great investment in these cases, saving thousands of dollars in the long run. Likewise, professional painters will benefit from the XT330’s durability and speed.

The dual reversible tip lets you achieve high-quality finishes in different conditions with the same tip. The 0.019” tip limit lets you work with pretty much any material under the sun, covering all kinds of areas thanks to the reversible tip. This unit’s remarkable build quality assures top-notch professional or residential performance for years to come.


There’s not much not to like about the XT330. But like most things in life, it isn’t perfect. The unit is rather loud, though the distance between you and the pump should keep things manageable, particularly if you use the 50’ hose.

Another minor drawback is the excessive overspray when using the broad pattern width, but it’s nothing some careful masking can’t solve. The XT330 can’t handle extremely thick coatings, like heavy latex or block fillers, but that’s fairly normal for products at this price range, and even immediately above it.

Quick facts

  • The XT330 works with both oil-based and water-based stains, with proper cleanup.
  • You can combine two 25’ hoses to make a 50’ hose, but you’ll need an adapter. The motor itself can handle longer tubes without a hiccup.
  • The XT330 paint sprayer works only with 110v power.
  • It’s a beginner-friendly unit, and while the price is a bit steep for some, DIYers who can afford it won’t be disappointed.
  • Most user feedback indicates that the XT330 provides impressive quality finishes with surprising speed. It’s a sturdy, well-built unit, and the integrated wheels make it much easier to move around than other units of similar bulk.

Final recommendation

The Titan XT330 airless paint sprayer is a high quality machine with incredibly versatile capabilities. Professional painters, committed hobbyists and industrious homeowners alike will have nothing but praise for this model. The reversible tip and the max tip size let you handle coatings of almost any thickness right up to the heaviest latex materials, while still allowing for detailed work. The flexibility of this unit minimizes the need for aftermarket parts as well. All in all, it’s a wonderful paint sprayer, and a purchase you won’t regret.

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