Meet The $13 Paint Sprayer by Harbor Freight

By Far Our Favorite Paint Sprayer For The Money Yet

A paint sprayer is a DIYer’s best friend. From quickly repainting cabinets and furniture to redoing entire rooms, a sprayer is a boon to your every project. But most paint sprayers will cost you a pretty penny. If you’re inexperienced with sprayers, spending several hundred or close to a thousand dollars on a tool you’re unfamiliar with can be pretty daunting. Why not start with one for under $20 bucks?

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But for every usage case, there’s a perfect product out there. And for small volume, domestic and amateur paint jobs, you can’t find a better deal than the Harbor Freight™ Krause & Becker™ 5 GPH paint sprayer. This handy little gadget is the perfect tool for fixing up the house and doing maintenance in the garage and yard. Every home toolbox should have one of these paint sprayers. And for the price tag, everyone can all afford to.

The unit is capable of handling a range of coatings, including latex paints, water-based sealants and stains. Operating the unit is very easy and intuitive. It’s designed for homeowners and DIYers in mind and will totally come in useful for all your pet projects at home.

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Under the hood, the unit packs an electric motor capable of sustaining a high flow rate to maximize paint coverage area. It can put out a 5 GPH flow rate at 175 psi, meaning, you can spray an entire gallon of paint in less than 12 minutes (I know, right). Outside, you’ll find an integrated polypropylene paint cup that can hold up to 24 fl. oz. The unit also packs a handy viscosity cup with a hanger, to aid in mixing your paint to the right consistency.

The Harbor Freight™ Krause & Becker™ 5 GPH paint sprayer is wired for 120 volts AC, with a standard US plug. It draws 1.2 amps of current through a 6 foot power cord. You can use an extension cord to get a little extra reach, but longer extensions may strain the motor. This unit is a little workhorse, but if you notice it’s overheating or getting too loud, let it rest for several minutes.

Large jobs and extensive areas can be challenging with this little handheld unit. But for your average home renovation or remodeling project, it’s more than plenty. You can change the look and feel of an entire kitchen by redoing the cabinets and furniture in just a few hours. And at 4 lb, you can’t beat this paint sprayer when it comes to portability.

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The unit comes along with four paint nozzles. 2 of them have 0.032 in orifices, meant for latex paints. The other two have 0.021 in orifices, one with extended tip, one without. It’s a rather complete kit, packing everything an industrious DIYer needs to get started with paint spraying.

While this unit may not boast the impressive psi of other, larger models, it’s in pricing where this unit truly shines. Most airless paint sprayers will set you back at least $300-600. Heavy-duty units go for thousands of dollars a piece. Meanwhile, the humble Krause & Becker™ paint sprayer retails for just $13 over at Harbor Freight. It’s also on Amazon, for $30. At either price, it’s a steal, and pound-for-pound, the best paint sprayer in the business in this price range.

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