how to get paint stains out

Don’t worry if the paint doesn’t leave stains on the clothes. Follow these methods and get rid of paint stains easily.


Often, when painting at home, many-colored stains appear on the garments, which do not go away despite repeated attempts. New garments can also become soiled with paint, rendering them unwearable.. In such a situation, do not worry, by adopting some easy methods, you can remove the paint marks from the clothes. Let’s know about these methods.

how to get paint stains out

If a paint stain on a cloth is discovered while it is being applied, the majority of it can be cleaned right away. The remainder can then be removed by other means. Dry paint is more difficult to remove than wet paint. The method for removing a paint stain is determined by the type of paint used on the fabric. That is why knowing about the type of paint, you can find a good solution accordingly.

Use dish detergent

If the paint is water-based or latex paint, which is used to paint walls and ceilings, you can use dishwashing liquid to get it off. For this, leave the liquid on the cloth for at least 10-15 minutes. After that clean the cloth with lukewarm water. If the stain remains, repeat the process. This method can be used to remove stains from wood and canvas using acrylic or glossy paint. However, keep in mind that while cleaning the cloth, it should not leave any color behind, as using liquid detergent with utensils might lighten the color of the garments.

Use Hairspray

If the stain is stubborn, use hair spray in addition to the sanitizer. This will also get rid of any lingering stains. After that, wipe the cloth lightly with your hands and wash it on a regular basis. You’ll notice that the paint markings on the cloth have vanished totally.

Use alcohol

Alcohol can be used to remove latex paint stains. For clothes that do not leave their color even after using liquid detergent, alcohol can be used. For this, put alcohol on the cloth and rub it with light hands. After that wash the clothes as normal. You will find that the paint stain has cleared.

Use alcohol hand sanitizer

Nowadays, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is being used in most homes to prevent infection. Paint stains can also be removed from this. For this also spray the sanitizer on the stained area. If the stain is difficult to remove, then use hair spray along with the sanitizer. This will also remove stubborn stains. After this rub the cloth with light hands and wash regularly. You will find that the paint marks on the cloth are completely gone.

You may enjoy painting with your child at home whenever you want now that you know how to get rid of paint, and if you have stains, you can quickly remove them. Please share this information if you found it useful.

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