DIY Painting Projects: Benefits of Using an Airless Paint Sprayer

DIY Painting Projects: Benefits of Using an Airless Paint Sprayer

There’s something special about setting a project for yourself and your home and seeing it through. The thrill of envisioning an improvement to your home and making it happen, with your own hands, is truly unique. DIY enthusiasts and industrious homeowners around the world know the feeling. It speaks to a very basic instinct: the need to provide adequate shelter for ourselves and our families.

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When it comes to choosing the tools for the job, DIYers tend to gravitate towards similar answers. A hands-on approach is typically preferred. Power tools are often shunned for manual, more intimate options, and it makes sense. People want their home to be a labor of love. But there are some areas where even the most technologically-averse DIYers make concessions. Everyone needs a drill, so if you plan on doing any significant amount of painting, you need an airless paint sprayer.

There are many good things to be said about paint rollers. They’re tried and true. But when painting large areas, an airless paint sprayer makes a tremendous difference in terms of time. A DIYer is, by nature, a weekend warrior. Painting an average bedroom can take an entire weekend. With an airless paint sprayer, each wall can be done in half an hour. Fast painting means more time for other projects, or for just getting some good old R&R. Paint sprayers are also a lot more efficient than rollers. More paint on the wall means less paint wasted (and less money down the drain).

Quality is also a big reason to choose airless paint sprayers. They allow a level of uniformity that is just impossible by hand. Brushes are unacceptably tedious, but rollers tend to leave unseemly streaks on your surfaces. An airless paint sprayer can save the day when working on uneven surfaces, like “popcorn” ceilings and textured walls. There’s no better way to achieve an uniform look on irregular surfaces.

Airless paint sprayers are also considerably more precise than other technologies. There are different kinds of paint sprayers out there, but they all use compression to pump out paint. Airless paint sprayers don’t compress the paint as they spray it. That prevents the explosive overspray exhibited by other paint machines. Overspray is not only a cosmetic concern (if it were, proper masking would address it.) The amount of paint wasted puts a dent in your pocket, and it makes detailed work very difficult. “Orange peel” texture is a common consequence.

Another advantage airless paint sprayers have over other paint machines is portability. Paint machines tend to be very large and heavy. They can handle outstanding volumes of paint in a short time. But they’re clearly a better fit for workshops and painting booths than getting lugged around the house. Airless paint sprayers provide all the perks of spraying technology with all the portability of brushes and rollers.

Furthermore, paint sprayers provide incredible variety. Not only are there many different kinds, a single paint sprayer can serve many functions. Just by changing the paint nozzle, you can achieve totally different results in an instant. Reversible tips offer double the possibilities.

The one caveat is danger. Rollers and brushes are pretty harmless. Meanwhile, the pressurized paint blast produced by a paint sprayer can send someone to the ER. It’s a literal injection wound, caused by paint. So be very careful when operating your paint sprayer. Never aim it at yourself, or others, and keep it out of reach from children.

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