Hey All,

I’m John Davis and I am the creator of GetPaintSprayer.com, a site that helps anyone from amateur painters & DIY’ers to professionals find and choose the right paint sprayer for the job.

I started working with paint sprayers as a professional painter nearly 10 years ago. While painting a customers dresser, I was asked if I could spray her entire house but the paint sprayer I had could never get the job done. I had a paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets but this required me to cover a large amount of square footage. I realized that certain types of projects called for specific types of paint sprayers and there were just too many on the market to choose from.

I decided to create this site to not only help you with information on paint sprayers but actually fit you with the right paint sprayer for your needs or project. Around here, you’ll notice we provide tips, resources, and information all pertaining to paint sprayers. We cover standard paint sprayers, paint sprayers for interior walls, outdoor paint-sprayers, HVLP paint sprayers, airless paint sprayers, latex paint sprayers, paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets, paint sprayers for furniture, commercial paint sprayers, and much more.

We work with the latest products on the market and our experience in various types of paintwork puts us in a position to provide key information on these tools so that you don’t have to go through a steep learning curve.

We hope that you enjoy our reviews and buying guides and that you leave here with enough information to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Thank you,

John Davis